Onsite and cloud

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Outstanding support
in a managed service provider

Network auditING

Physical, Logical, Topological, Functional Analysis and documentation of existing networks. 

live streaming

Protect your Livestream bandwidth from user-generated congestion, malicious attacks and other first-mile problems.


Support will answer your call, text, facetime, slack or email and provide you with knowledgable solutions and answers.


Your gear should be installed properly, to code, to standard, and to your satisfaction.  We work with all trades to get the install done right.

threat protection

Protect your network and its users from hackers, malware, ransomware and human error with Intrusion Protection, Packet Analysis and Security-by-Design. 

24/7 monitoring

We monitor your network so you don't have to, with automated alerts, escalations and remediation.  We worry so you don't have to. 

secure remote work 

In the New Normal of remote work, zero trust environments must be maintained, with secure VPN connections and endpoint protection for your remote workers.

traffic optimization

Least Cost for Best Performance, Ingress and Egress management, Link Aggregation, Multi-WAN Failover, 4G/5G Backup. 

video surveillance

On-Premise Recording up to 4K resolution with night vision, motion detection and cloud-based access to your footage.  Storage, backup and retention services available. 

Get Up And Running In Minutes!

If you're already running Ubiquiti Unifi or EdgeMAX equipment, Church Network Service can take over your Unifi Controller functions immediately and provide you with the same access you have today, all from a secure, redundant and highly available cloud service running in Amazon Web Services (AWS).  If you're not running Ubiquiti Networking Equipment, we can help you get started for low costs and a sensible and value-conscious plan to grow your functionality as you go.  We can support your heterogenous network equipment as you transition to a fully managed network. 


Get Started Today. It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Demo I Can See?

Yes!   We can walk you through a demo of our network control plane.  Simply fill out our Contact Form and we'll arrange a web demo.  

Do You Offer Managed Upgrades

Yes!  We can manage your device firmware updates for you during maintenance windows that you define, and if there is a problem with the update, we will roll back the updates and restore your devices to their previous state.  There is never an extra charge for device firmware updates. 

Are The Plans Affordable?

Yes.  It's no surprise that not every church can afford to hire a full-time network admin.  It's also difficult to rely on the volunteer services of your members.  They have day jobs and other commitments.  So we've priced CNS strategically, to give you the best value for service in a remotely managed network service. 

How Fast Is Your Support Team?

So fast that you'll usually never know we're here!  We respond to network alerts in real time.  If we need remote hands on site (RHOS) to help diagnose a possible wiring or physical problem, we'll reach out quickly; just as soon as we've eliminated the possible software and configuration problems.